Clare Davis

Beyond the Dark


The Moth Project takes inspiration from the shapes and patterns created by the moth through its life cycles, the egg, the emerging caterpillar, pupa, chrysalis, cocoon and first flight.


I used long-exposure photographic images created by moths drawn to street lamps to influence the twists and turns of wire.

The bright black and yellow of the sycamore moth caterpillars contrasts so vividly with the ghostly, muted, mottled wings of their future selves… from the bold promise of youth to almost invisibility, living fully and freely in the darkest moments when the hustle and bustle of humanity quietens. A reflection on promise, invisibility and the hope that emerges in a time of pause.


“If you notice anything,

It leads you to notice


And more.”

Mary Oliver  “The Moths”

  2020 THEME

2020 THEME




© 2016 by Jules Francis-Sinclair

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