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Emma James

Colour, texture, shape, rhythm, pattern, touch are typically what inspires me, and drives my art making. These aspects allow me to express my feelings, reactions and create something that is tactile, bold and complex in design. I like to explore through print, collage, paper cut-outs, book making and textiles.


A few years ago I reacquainted myself with Batik, a medium I first used at primary school. Batik is a resist method, where hot-wax is applied to cotton fabric, and is used as a barrier to retain, hold back or effect colours that are applied. The intriguing process requires planning and patience; colours are applied in layers from light to dark. The wax resist is then removed with a hot iron.


I deliberately moved away from using Batik in the traditional sense – continuous dip-dyeing to produce colours, as I prefer to paint directly onto the cotton canvas so that I can dictate the colour strength, choice and definition - after which I stitch areas of the design to give definition, form and best of all, the tactile effect - I love the way the stitching draws us in closer to the artwork, to touch.


The sensory aspect of art is important to me - therefore I make it part of my work and encourage the viewer to be tactile.





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