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Equality Statement


We aim to give an equal and warm welcome to those of us who experience disempowerment in environments because of our differences, heritage, appearance, financial inequalities or any other social constructions that society uses to judge its members.

We reject any notions of inequality or judgement according to how we are in the world, where we’ve come from, who we love, our approach to creativity, or our access requirements.

While we absolutely respect, aim to understand, welcome and celebrate our individual differences, the one thing we have in common is that we all value creativity and love what we do.

Our exhibitions and workshops are a chance to share and show off our joy in creativity. One of the biggest things visitors take away from Pop Up is inspiration....  


anyone can go from the ordinary to the extraordinary..........................








and Pop Up encourages that to happen.

Our message is take heart, be brave in your creativity, and prepare to be proud.

Liz Normandy Clare exploring the beach.J
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