The titles of our 3 exhibitions 2016 - 2018 

Being Human
A Sense of Space
The Colour of Our Dreams


The titles of our 3 exhibitions (2016 - 2018) neatly encapsulate our ethos.

We are mostly human (apart form our canine companions); we celebrate the diversity of humanity, and encourage each other to become who we truly are. Our time together is as much about being, as it is about doing.


We enjoy creating a breathing space for ourselves, time for reflection, for exploration and for inspiration. 

We are an evolving collective, ever-changing and as diverse as each of our members. We share friendship and creativity, work and exhibition spaces, materials, equipment, skills, ideas and dilemmas.

We are all on a journey, at various stages of our artistic lives/careers. We make all kinds of art – from purely painting to the powerfully political; from singing to sewing; from food art to photography and everything between and beyond. We have a range of wishes and dreams, some of which we hope to realise as part of our involvement in the Pop Up Collective.

We have been called 'the brilliantly diverse'. Our difference is what brings us together.

photo: simon hutchens

  2020 THEME

2020 THEME




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