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Glyn Brown

I long ago stopped reading articles proclaiming that doodles reveal the secrets of your personality.  I’m a Doodler and while I’m sure that a suitably qualified graphologist would love to delve into the depths of my mind through my pictures, I’d try to encourage them to just enjoy the artistry in my drawings instead. 


Doodling is an art form – a wonderful art form that allows free expression within boundaries I choose to set myself.  Sometimes the only boundary is the edge of the page but usually I have an outline I want to fill.  How it is filled sometimes evolves as I draw.  Being a member of The Pop Up Arts Collective based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, has allowed me to explore some boundaries and outlines I may never have contemplated but also to be inspired by an amazing array of artistic styles and abilities within the group.  

glyn x
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