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Helen Edwards

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Water - Beyond imagination


The nourishment of flowing phenomena

Water nature


Enduring, unchanging and reborn


Organ of the world


Polishing, irrigating, purifying


The embodiment of tears


My work explores the nature of meniscus, a phase boundary, curved because of surface tension. The meniscus of water appears to have an undersurface and an over surface. In anatomy and medicine, a meniscus is a crescent-shaped or semi-lunar structure that partially divides the cavity of a joint. My work has evolved through my daily practice of introducing my body to water, through free movement and dipping in river water, every day throughout the year as a meditative, artistic and physical prayer to the earth.



I would feel my legs tingling at night, warm in bed

As if they dreamt of rooting into the earth

Though blood-warm inside

I heard their yearning call for a time before mammal

When they might swim through earth,

Cold as stone

Like the dreams of water

To reach to the ocean.


River Being

My skin dissolves into the running nature of river

Moments of mammalian gold creeping all over my body

Carry me far beyond the flow

The water dips, cascading around my shoulders as they loosen like wings buds opening

Deep in my lungs a rushing, once drowsy, comes dank and downy

As innocent light runs in my eyes dissolving my blindness

No questions no more yearnings

I fly in the course of river

I am a distant memory

As life rises around and within me

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