Helen Pringle

1966 - 2017

Co-founder of Pop Up Arts Collective


" I do not consider myself in any way an artist. However, I do absolutely believe that conversely everybody is an artist.


When given the opportunity to exhibit with the Pop Up Collective, I decided it was a risk worth taking.


I stayed close to home, inspired by my daughter and her love of vintage clothing. My sewing ability resulted in me making clothes from original vintage patterns for her.


For Artweeks 2016, I used those vintage patterns and fabric as a starting point for my contribution. "

"Really beautiful art, I love the vintage patterns, they take me right back to the clothes my mum used to make me! Thank you for showing your lovely work." Claire Cross, visitor 2016.

For Artweeks 2017, Helen began to experiment with and explore textile arts, challenging herself to move beyond vintage textiles and into her own designs based on 'dreaming'... Although unable to complete her work for the exhibition, as a collective, we will take up Helen's themes of dreaming and celebration of friendship for the future of our Collective activities.

  2020 THEME

2020 THEME




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