Liz Rothschild

To be human is to be embodied
What is written on my body? 
Who can read it? 
How do they read it?
Telling the story of our bodies.


I am trained as a performer and worked for years in the theatre but I have always loved playing with visual art. I went to a school that thought if you were clever you should not do art (!!) so gradually I did less and less. For years making things was confined to doing things with and for my children or producing Christmas cards.


Gradually, I have been reclaiming this side of myself starting with creating an art cupboard and progressing to taking time out every week to work away from the phone and the internet in order to find out what I want to be doing.   

Often this takes the form of writing but Clare’s invitation to join the collective gave me the chance to start exploring some ideas in more depth.

I hope my work will make you smile as well as ask yourself a few questions.

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  2020 THEME

2020 THEME




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