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Stunning Silk for the woodland

A small team of artists and makers from The Pop Up Collective and The Workhouse Estate have created beautiful banners using batik and dye on fine silk to hang from the trees in Boxhill Woods for Oxfordshire Artweeks this May,( 15th - 23rd). We invite you to visit and pause a while in this magical space.

The ancient woodland is managed by Abingdon Town Council; a little patch of wilderness that comes into its own each spring with a carpet of bluebells and Queen Anne's Lace. Dappled sunshine shimmers through the canopy onto the paths below. Fallen trees and branches that are left to decay along with the boggy areas create a wonderful habitat for woodland wildlife. Head down there in the early hours for glimpses of the little egret, or on a warm evening to watch the pipistrelle bats in flight. Listen to the tawny owls calling... you may even hear a nightingale.

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