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Sarah Scott

I embody experience drawn from being on the Circle of Trees. A London Arts Therapy project, the Circle of Trees draws on the Celtic Calendar as it provides opportunities for personal transformation and healing through the wisdom of environmental arts therapy.  I integrate the Celtic cycle into the yoga classes I teach - predominantly for deaf (signing) participants. 


I also draw on the Celtic cycle, the trees, the season, the rituals into my practice of Visual Medicine ™.  Visual Medicine ™ is a creative mindful practice using paint and reflective writing to explore and express the inner world and tap into universal wisdom. It was originated by artist and psychotherapist Suzette Clough. Sometimes, I take Visual Medicine ™  images out into natural environments - placing them where they appear to most fit the space I am in, taking into account the time of year and all that is around me. Visual Medicine calls upon the ‘higher self’ a bigger picture view of experience. Taking a Visual Medicine image out into a space where nature can embrace it I feel I have ‘earthed’ a feeling, a realisation. By offering it to the ground and to expressions of nature I notice that I become the witness to my experience and release the view of having been a victim of it.  I feel it is embodied.


Here's my Sarah's Visual Medicine Facebook Page

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