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Tony Davies

rabbit 2
Tony 2

I have a background in both theatre and art. I love to surprise and to tell a story through my sculptures of people, animals and more. My work is made from steel and wire and is commissioned by individuals, organisations and councils for gardens, roundabouts and village greens.

Under One Sky not only brings us together as artists, but could be a suitable title for my sculptures to date – all of which celebrate nature and the environment. Sometimes taking advantage of the rapid corrosive qualities of metal, like my rustic and rusting giant egg, other times changing slowly with galvanised finishes, such as the elephant on the roundabout at Kidlington which will gradually take on natural tones to blend with its surroundings.

One good thing that has come out of the lockdown is that I have been able to contribute to this year’s Pop Up exhibition.  The shop that originally commissioned the quirky rabbit has not yet resurfaced. Made from stainless steel, it can gleam under one sky amongst everyone else’s creations.

I enjoy being part of the popupartscollective; it’s a great opportunity to meet and talk with other creatives from a wide variety of disciplines.  Artweeks at no30 is always such a beautiful, calm space surrounded by beautiful, inspiring art.

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