Tony Davies

I have a background in both theatre and art. I love to tell a story through my sculptures of people and animals. My work is made from steel and wire and is commissioned by individuals and councils for gardens and roundabouts.

Beyond reality is a title that encompasses much of my work to date and will help me to define future creations. For the last few years my work has started to encompass more abstract concepts such as a giant rusting egg and an elephant taking a stork for a walk, led by a monkey.

One good thing that has come out of the lockdown is that I now have a whole sculpture of my own at home. The wild rabbit looks at me amazed whilst I write. The shop that commissioned it has not yet resurfaced.

I enjoy being part of the popupartscollective because of the focus it offers for creativity beyond commissions. It’s also a great opportunity to meet and talk to other creatives from a variety of disciplines. I also strangely enjoy the calm of being a gallery attendant during artweeks in such a beautiful space amongst such beautiful art.


  2020 THEME

2020 THEME




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